Season 2, Episode 6: The Westercon Livecast, or, Frog gets wrecked

13600039_10205982320427197_6388217793740387696_nThe great David Boop joins us as everyone decides it’s time to pile on Frog in front of a live audience!

Have a listen as we hear about Frog’s battle with a parking garage, Frog’s battle with an unsuspecting waitress and (in a grand culmination) Frog endangering the very marriage that made him a writer in the first place.

Also, we discuss what kind of automobile Frog’s fat ass resembles.

All done before a live studio audience at the great Westercon 69 in Portland!


S2E5: Kambucha, Visors, and the Lord of Rocs

On this episode, we discuss some of the strange habits and accessories Grant and Frog use.  The Cheeseburger Guy does his best to muck it completely up.

In addition, we have Peter Orullian on the podcast, the great Lord of Rocs himself.

Wait…what?  That’s not what the nickname means?  Frog thinks it is!


Season 2, Episode 4: Finding the Path to a Raunchy Guest

Our week of updates continues!  Now, Season 2 episode 4.

Grant has just started to play Pathfinder.  Reiter the Cheeseburger Guy has resumed after five years.  Frog is a huge nerd.

Then, Dave Bara comes onto the podcast, and manages to beat the Unwise Men into earning our Content Advisory on itunes.  The boys are both astounded and impressed as their ability to work blue is overshadowed by their guest’s ability to work into what is apparently the ultraviolet.

S2 Episode 3: Boiled Eggs and Epic Janitors

If you follow us on Soundcloud, or if you keep track of us on itunes, then you know that we’ve actually released through Season 2, Episode 5.  And you can totally go there and follow us and get a jump start on all the things.

However, if it’s the social media you follow, then Frog’s recent encounter with a hospital (and later Miscon) has put us woefully behind in the posting department.  Nobody has ever called us organized.  Or professional.  Or, you know…anything positive, really.

So, this week, we’re going to seek to get the blog up to speed.  And we’re starting today, with S2E3.  In  this episode, we discuss The Cheeseburger Guy’s dieting habits and the fact that Life is, in fact, Feudal.

Then Josh Vogt, a man who writes books just ridiculous enough in premise to keep up with us comes on the podcast to show us all how it is done.

Season 2 Begins: Recorded Live at Norwescon

Alright, folks. We’re back for Season 2.  Welcome.

Season 2 kicks off Live from Norwescon.  Kristi Charish, esteemed author and Hugo-Nominated podcaster, not to mention our inaugaral guest for Season 1, joins the boys live…for the entire episode.  She endures not just an interview, but all facets of a 3 Unwise Men podcast.

We’re sorry, Kristi.

Thanks to all that turned out to the Livecast.  If any of you are reading and listening still…why?  You’ve heard this one already.  Just wait for next week.

For all of you from Norwescon that missed out, well…have a listen.  You missed a hell of a night.  We learn how high both crows and the Cheeseburger Guy can count.  And Frog gets a little weird about the salt samples in the bathroom.

It’s the 3 Unwise Men Christmas Special!

You may have noticed that Season 1 of the 3 Unwise Men has ended not with a bang, but a whimper.

Fear not, loyal listener!  For the 3 Unwise Men shall return for Season 2, coming this Spring.  More laughs, more stupid arguments, and more guests who are, quite frankly, completely overqualified to come on a stupid show like this one.

Nevertheless, we can’t let Christmas slip by unnoticed.  No, the 3 Unwise Men
Learn about Frog getting the worst Christmas gift ever.  From his mother.  Nope; no argument.  This one wins.

Author Jessica Rising comes onto the podcast and is her awesome self.  She explains her Guts & Glory series, a middle-grade post-apocalyptic steampunk dystopia, a genre description that should get you excited all on its own.

Then, the boys try to actually organize a segment.  With predictable results.


And, finally…we are graced by nobility.  As the last act of 2015, the Unwise Men have managed to secure an interview with The Duchess Of Fantasy, the great Alma Alexander.  Seriously, we have no idea what someone of Her Grace’s exalted status is doing slumming it with us, but we are honored to have her.

Merry Christmas.  Happy Hannukah.  Good Kwanzaa.  Festive Festivus.  Super Solstice.  Creepy Krampusnacht.  Whatever your holiday of choice is, may you enjoy it.

Catch you on the flip side.