Episode 6: Cheeseburger Guy has Gel-beads that absorb water.

Episode 6 is live! In this episode, we talk about Waterworld, RPGs, and then talk to the impossible-to-spell Adriane Ceallaigh

Also –it’s pretty clear that the Kin Fables thing didn’t work out.  This doesn’t make them pricks; it makes us lazy.  We never asked them for any kind of permission, because we are slackers.

So…here’s your link.  Go check them out, see if you back Grant’s love for them.

UPDATE: CLANN, the music behind Kin Fables, has posted a comment telling us we can totally use their music.  But we’ve already published the episode, so…oops.  We probably should have gotten off our lazy ass and asked first.

Thanks, CLANN, anyways…and for those of you who want to download this really just bitchin’ soundtrack, well, here you are.

Episode 2 – The Great Sandwich Debacle

Ok folks, Episode 2 is now live for your listening pleasure:

Some notes from this particular episode:

— We are joined by the amazing and incredible Voss Foster, who speaks to us about food, pornography, and his fabulous books.  Check him out!

— Yes, a number of times we refer to “last week.”  Then we spliced it up differently, because the sandwich debate really needed to have its own episode.  If this is confusing to you,  then say to yourself it’s just a show, I should really just relax.3.  Voss had no idea we do gag commercials.  He was a huge sport about that, and we love him for it.

Also, Grant is just wrong about sandwiches.  And since I’m writing this post, that’s going to be the final word.

Or is it?

Episode One goes live!

Alright, folks.  You’ve been holding your breath for decades, awaiting for the voice from the wilderness to come forth and show you the light and the way.

Keep waiting.

But while you wait, feel free to kill some time by listening to us pontificate about rental houses, writing nitpicks, and then harass Kristi Charish, who has descended from her lofty podcasting perch to muck about with us.

Also, to accompany your listening pleasure…here’s some pictures of the damage referenced in the first segment of this podcast.  So when I say “the back wall fell off the house,” you can see that I am not exaggerating in the slightest.