S2 Episode 3: Boiled Eggs and Epic Janitors

If you follow us on Soundcloud, or if you keep track of us on itunes, then you know that we’ve actually released through Season 2, Episode 5.  And you can totally go there and follow us and get a jump start on all the things.

However, if it’s the social media you follow, then Frog’s recent encounter with a hospital (and later Miscon) has put us woefully behind in the posting department.  Nobody has ever called us organized.  Or professional.  Or, you know…anything positive, really.

So, this week, we’re going to seek to get the blog up to speed.  And we’re starting today, with S2E3.  In  this episode, we discuss The Cheeseburger Guy’s dieting habits and the fact that Life is, in fact, Feudal.

Then Josh Vogt, a man who writes books just ridiculous enough in premise to keep up with us comes on the podcast to show us all how it is done.

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