Season 2 Begins: Recorded Live at Norwescon

Alright, folks. We’re back for Season 2.  Welcome.

Season 2 kicks off Live from Norwescon.  Kristi Charish, esteemed author and Hugo-Nominated podcaster, not to mention our inaugaral guest for Season 1, joins the boys live…for the entire episode.  She endures not just an interview, but all facets of a 3 Unwise Men podcast.

We’re sorry, Kristi.

Thanks to all that turned out to the Livecast.  If any of you are reading and listening still…why?  You’ve heard this one already.  Just wait for next week.

For all of you from Norwescon that missed out, well…have a listen.  You missed a hell of a night.  We learn how high both crows and the Cheeseburger Guy can count.  And Frog gets a little weird about the salt samples in the bathroom.

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