You’re probably wondering about Episode 7

Look, folks.  Reiter the Cheeseburger Guy had one job to do.

I was looking forward to episode 7.  It was clearly our best episode yet.  Grant and I managed to solve the Social Security dilemna, negotiate peace with North Korea, and then determine once and for all whether Mike or Joel was the better host of MST3K.

We then gave clear, point-by-point instructions on how anyone can write a best-selling novel in the space of a week.

This was followed up with the interview we have been all been waiting for.

In other words, episode 7 was our breakout moment.  It was a goddamned blockbuster of an episode, and it would appear that Reiter has deleted it completely while tripping balls on a combination of gummy bear fluid and acid.  We’re working on scrapping something together to replace it, but it won’t be nearly as epic.

Stay tuned.

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