Episode 2 – The Great Sandwich Debacle

Ok folks, Episode 2 is now live for your listening pleasure:

Some notes from this particular episode:

— We are joined by the amazing and incredible Voss Foster, who speaks to us about food, pornography, and his fabulous books.  Check him out!

— Yes, a number of times we refer to “last week.”  Then we spliced it up differently, because the sandwich debate really needed to have its own episode.  If this is confusing to you,  then say to yourself it’s just a show, I should really just relax.3.  Voss had no idea we do gag commercials.  He was a huge sport about that, and we love him for it.

Also, Grant is just wrong about sandwiches.  And since I’m writing this post, that’s going to be the final word.

Or is it?

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